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Chloe resides at the Friends of the Association Humane of Newark NJ.
Their description said “Polite Lady Seeks Forever Home". Chloe is a doll. She’s very well behaved, so gentle and easy to handle. She’s great for someone who just wants a quiet dog that just wants to cuddle. She has a real nice temperament. Sits for a treat, and takes it gently from your hand; had a very good food test. Didn’t seem to know what a toy was. She did take the raw hide, and politely gave it back. Sweet as pie!” Her ID is #135064.
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Meet the ladies of Bully Moms United



Before deciding to adopt Rocky,I did a lot of research on what breed of dog would suit my family best and to my surprise, American Pit Bull Terrier really caught my attention. Besides all of the negative media 

My heart was shattered when my sweet Asia passed away from Lymphoma Cancer on August 30, 2014. Everything that once put a smile on my face had now turned into tears. A few weeks

Ever since I can remember, we have always had a fur friend or two in our home. My dad would bring home strays and unwanted dogs that some of his coworkers could no longer take care of and they

Back in 2007, I came home (I live with my father and his approval was necessary) with a Pit Bull puppy that fit in the palm of my hand. He was 3 weeks old. It was a beautiful fall day and my father was 

7 years ago I found my little diva, Zsa Zsa. She is a half shih'tzu and half poodle, and all BOSS lady! She has been there by my side trough a lot of tough times and has always been my rock. A little over 

Our newest member, Cristal, says....I'm the only woman apart of Buly Moms United that currently doesn't have a dog. Kira, my Shiba, died this past December over the holidays. She was my best friend.

I am Bully Mom Stephanie and these are my two FurBabies, Sam and Luna. I adopted Sam from the New Rochelle Humane Society in 2011. Apparently no one even gave him the chance due to his breed and color, so he




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In Loving Memory of

Asia & Rocky

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